Those Who Know Performance Know AMD Ryzen™ Processors
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Experience the infinite possibilities of a laptop that delivers pure speed and the freedom to unplug.

AMD Ryzen™ Processors

Experience Pure Speed

The power to create at the speed of your imagination with up to 8 ultra-fast cores.

Untethered Creativity

Keep creating anywhere, with smart battery life that doesn’t stop until you’re ready to.

A Performance Masterpiece

Incredible graphics, next-gen USB 4 connectivity, and noise-cancelling audio lets you take what you make to the next level.*


Get to the Final Iteration Faster

Save time on your heavy workloads thanks to the astonishing speed of AMD Ryzen™ processors with Windows 11, designed to work in perfect harmony so you can get the job done fast.

Creating: The Only Outlet You Need

Work straight from idea to final product with incredibly long battery life and astonishing performance all on one charge. Windows 11 works with AMD Ryzen™ processors to adapt to your unique usage, so you have the freedom to go anywhere inspiration strikes.


A Creator’s Dream

An AMD Ryzen™ processor-powered PC with Windows 11 is the ultimate creative powerhouse. Render at impressive speed with up to 8 powerful cores, take uninterrupted calls thanks to AI-powered noise cancellation that eliminates distraction, and keep your creations safe with new cutting-edge Windows 11 security features.*

*As of January 2022, AI-powered noise cancellation feature is available with AMD Ryzen™ 6000 processors on select PCs.

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